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Jio Platforms - continue to invest in India

The rapidly growing Indian Internet service provider market continues to attract the attention of foreign investors, including the FTM. An example of this is the telecommunications company Jio Platforms, one of the largest telecom operators in India, owned by Reliance Industries. Currently, a 14.7% stake in the company belongs to foreign investors. Three and a half years of existence in the telecommunications services market allowed the company to attract 388 million subscribers. In one month, the company attracted investments worth $ 9 billion. A giant such as Facebook invested $ 5.7 billion in mid-April in a company.

FTM keeps abreast of events and the fast-growing and growing Internet market in India is in the focus of our close attention. Undoubtedly, investments in this sector of the country, which is in a time of rapid digital transformation, will bring significant income. At the moment, the fast-growing Indian Internet market is the second largest in the world.


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